Spring 2006 in Hong Kong


I hate rugby. I don’t really know the rules and have never really seen a game of rugby, but I (now) know that the end of March marks the time when thousands of Austrailians and non-Austrailian rugby lovers flock to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Sevens, booking up hotels and raising airfare prices all the way. Fortunately, Ann and I snagged a last minute flight on Cathay Pacifc, and found a decent hotel that was built in December 2005, and had no website but plenty of open rooms.

We stayed in Causeway Bay, which is where Chan Ho Nam and Chicken terrorized the streets. Our hotel room was on the “25th” floor, but you have to account for the skipped floors that are bad luck. Like in the US, buildings often lack a 13th floor. In Asia, there is usually no 4th and floor, as the word for 4 sounds like the word for death. Sometimes they go so far as skip 14, 24, and any other floor with a 4 in it. Our hotel lacked a 13, which must have been out of courtesy for the western clients. There was also no 7, which might represent capitalist greed, and have been skipped out of courtesy for its mainland chinese clients. After removing all the unlucky numbers were really at about floor B2, but thankfully there are also lucky numbers in Asia too, so there were about 12 9th floors putting us at about floor 10.

We spent most of our time around Wan Chai and Central with occasional trips to Kowloon for cheap shopping and cheap eating. And night trips to Lan Kwai Fong for english pub action. It’s so cheap to get around Hong Kong. A HK$2 tram ride or a HK$6 MTR ride. HK$5 Ferry ride across the bay. Even a long HK$40, 30 minute taxi ride around the city is cheaper than a 2km taxi ride in Japan. The last day we ran into 陳宝珠, (aka Connie Chan) a famous HK actress from the 60s. I think she was surprised when the weird white kid recognized her and asked if he could take a picture. Maybe even terrified. At least thats the angle I was going for. We also saw Daniel Wu’s girlfriend, but I doubt anyone reading this knows who I’m talking about, so I’ll just post more pictures and shut up.
























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