Do Klu Klux Klan Members Have Feelings Too?


I really wish I paid attention in class today…

phone.jpgMonday rolls around and I’m stuck in class. Behavioral Studies lecture. Today’s lecture is about self consciousness and self disclosure or something. The teacher pulled up an english quote on her power point presentation, and gave me a little nod, as if to say this one’s for you, champ. “Self-disclosure is the act of making yourself manifest, showing yourself as others can percieve you.” Right on queue, the English All Stars begin discussing the quote and what it meant. I opted not to bother telling them that the quote has no meaning, though I quickly picked up my cell phone and pretended to be sending a mail to someone to let them know I wouldn’t be joining them. This also worked to get the teacher off my case so she could get back to worrying about the other 90 students in the room. Meanwhile, I started up game of strip-mahjong on my phone to tide me over until the class ended. Half-way through the 4th round though, a powerpoint slide on the board caught my attention. So attention grabbing, in fact, that I took a picture with my camera James Bond-style in the middle of lecture. See if you notice anything strange about the slide.


Besides the drop-dead-interesting title that says something like “Evasion of self-consciousness, deindividualization.” There seems to be a large photo of a Klu Klux Klan member attached to that graph. Looking closer, we can see that the graph compares two groups. Nurses, and Klu Klux Klan members. Two often compared groups, to be sure. But comparing them how? The left side of the graph lists numerical values correspoding to “Intensity of electric shock.” Huh?

Man, I wish I had paid attention in class today.


~ by foomfoom on May 15, 2006.

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