2006 Summer Trip: Leaving on a Jet Boat


Tomorrow morning at 6am my shinkansen leaves for Fukuoka, a 3 hour trip. I have a reservation on the JR Beetle hydrofoil leaving from Fukuoka to Pusan, Korea. It’s a 3 hour trip over the Sea of Japan.

Unfortunately, today a Typhoon just passed over Fukuoka. It will have passed by now, but the resulting waves have caused all the morning Beetle departures to be canceled. I’m scheduled to depart from Fukuoka at 11am, but a decision about whether or not to cancel won’t be made until 8am tomorrow. At 8am tomorrow I’ll probably be somewhere in Hiroshima, on my way to Fukuoka. Worst case scenario, I’ll spend a day wandering around Fukuoka, crash at a love hotel, and leave for Korea the next day. I’ve always wanted to see Fukuoka, but here’s hoping my ferry won’t be canceled (fat chance).

It took 2 hours to get my one bag packed. Here’s to seeing if 2 pairs of pants can last me 2 weeks. It’s nearly midnight, and I’ve got to leave in 6 hours. Unfortunately I woke up at 6pm today, so good luck of getting any sleep tonight. I guess I’ll clean up my apartment so I don’t come home to squalor. Yesterday I woke late and missed the garbage squad, so this bag of garbage is going to have to just chill on my balcony for 2 weeks. I hope it doesn’t attract too many ravens.


~ by foomfoom on August 18, 2006.

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