Day 5: Hungover at COEX



IMG_0440Due to the previous nights events, I was out until at least noon. Heejin had somewhere to go, so when I finally got up at like 3pm I was on my own. I was in no hurry to do anything, or do much walking, so I decided to go to the COEX Mall. IMG_0442It was sort of far away, so I figured it would require at least a half hour of sitting on the train. That way I could sit on my ass while generally feeling like I’m out on the town and not wasting my vacation in a hotel room. The COEX Mall is the largest underground mall in Asia, and since I’ve never heard of an underground mall anywhere besides Asia, it just might be the biggest in the world. It’s got an aquarium, 16 screen theater, and a kimchi museum in addition to countless shops as well as two food courts. Every few meters on the ground there were large touch screen displays built into the floor. They were mostly used for advertisements, but they had games built in like soccer or pong. You had to keep an eye out as you walked to make sure you didn’t walk through someone’s pool game. On the train to the COEX Mall, I met a little girl named Mina who had studied in Kansas of all places. She showed me how to get to the mall, and then took me to the game center where she raped some drum game. I’m sure we were quite the strange sight.





After I had enough of commercialism (and found my way back to the station) I headed back to the hotel to do laundry, which meant washing some shirts in the sink and then blow drying them for an hour while watching Korean TV and figuring out my money situation. In Korea, the largest bill is worth approximately $10, so if you walk around with a lot of cash, you are going to have a fat wallet. Knowing this, I initially exchanged only 20,000 Yen ($200) at the port when I arrived. Little did I know, this would prove to be plenty for the entire time I was in Seoul.

Since I had more than enough money left over, and it was my last night in Korea and I was still hung over, there was only one thing I could think of doing. I called up the ol’ partner in crime and we went a’drinkin’. No more pics because a big camera would have only slowed things down.


~ by foomfoom on August 23, 2006.

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