Day 10: Recovery


Day 10 started at about 5pm when everyone managed to actually get up. 12 Hours of sleep works up a hefty appetite so first stop after waking up was dinner.

Today we had hot pot. It’s different from Japanese style hot pot in that there are two different soup bases, a spicy one, and a not-spicy one. Most of the ingredients in Chinese hot pot are the same as in Japanese hot pot. Thankfully this time there were no fish balls, which are a poor poor substitute for actual fish. The first thing that went into our hot pot were 6 large fish heads. Now were talking. Other ingredients were the standard green vegetables, lamb, pork, tofu (which I requested and only I ate…fine, more for me), and a spam like meatish thing that clearly came from a can. It was just as good uncooked as it was cooked, so we ate most of it before the soup was heated. One thing with hot pot is, as good as it tastes, nothing looks as good coming out as it does going in. The vegetables are green, meats are red, noodles and tofu are white. Coming out of the pot, everything is the same shade of dark brown, occasionally with rogue fish bones sticking out. That said, I never met a hot pot I didn’t like.




After eating we went to Karaoke. Karaoke in China was an interesting experience. IMG_0987First, the obvious question of the selection of songs. Obviously they had an extensive selection of songs from mainland China, and I heard some recent Taiwanese songs as well. The place we went had Japanese song’s listed on the system, but an error was keeping me out of the system. The English selections were working, though there wasn’t much of a selection. A lot of songs from the 60s and 70s. There was the random Backstreet Boy’s song, along with a healthy selection of Carpenters.IMG_0981 Instead of the touchscreen remotes with built in cameras used in Japan, or the simple book+number pad system used in the states, here there was a single computer terminal built into the floor. At first it seemed like a neat idea. Of course it suffered from one fatal flaw, there is only one of them. Everyone knows the first 3 minutes of karaoke is the most vital. There are usually at least 3 remotes, so in a typical karaoke session, by the time the first song is over, there are usually no less than 20 songs in the system. Here, only one person at a time can input songs. So either they put in a couple, and have to pass it on, or they put in 10 songs and have to sing 10 in a row. Not to mention the system itself was pretty sketchy. It crashed and had to be rebooted within the first 3 minutes. I never thought I’d see a karaoke system BSOD. Plus the volume for each song varied so greatly, half the time we could barely hear the music at max volume, the other half our eardrums were being blown out. So everyone agreed karaoke sort of sucked, but I think everyone was too exhausted to care. By 1am, after being up for barely 8 hours, everyone was ready to crash.




~ by foomfoom on August 28, 2006.

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