The Retreat


My time in the New World didn’t last long.

But there was just enough IMG_7931pink meat, beer, and drunken debauchery to make me miss the States. Not that they don’t have meat, beer, or debauchery in Japan,IMG_8109 it just costs a whole lot more. In America the meat is bloodier, potatoes are cheesier, beer is ale-ier, nachos mean something much more than ketchup and doritos, and pizza doesn’t come with mayonaise (alright so not everything is better in America). I’ll be in Japan for a few more years yet, and before moving back to the States for good, I’d like to travel a bit more throughout Asia, maybe live in Hong Kong for a while before moving onto the Middle East and Europe for a couple of years. But eventually, cheap dead cow and amber hops will draw me back to the land of my birth. I guess I can’t complain (lest I find myself on a no-fly list) though I would hate to end up living anywhere other than the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City. Anyways, on to the pictures of the damage.








After a couple of days of that, my time was up and back to Japan I went, which I guess really is “home” now, at least until 2010. Strangely enough, the two kids who sat next to me on the way to America (as mentioned in my last entry) were now sitting right in front of me. Freaky. This time I sat next to a woman named Sun. Not Sun as in the common Korean name, Sun as in Sun Spirit. Sun Spirit and her husband Red Tomahawk. They showed me pictures of their trips to Bali and Nepal. At least this time no one thought I was a bad father.



~ by foomfoom on January 5, 2007.

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