Back to the Lesson at Hand


Back to the lazy life in Japan. After coming back after New Years, Winter break ended and I had a week and a half of classes. Then Spring Break started. In January. Until the middle of April.

In the meantime I gave out the souvineers from America, had a birthday, and tried to kill 3 months without spending any money. Japanese holidays that didn’t affect me like hinamatsuri and seijin no hi came and went.




One of Mina’s clients works as a wedding planner in a large Cathedral-esque building that is completely out of place anywhere in Asia. She invited us to a free tour of the facilities, which were nice. However in this case “tour” meant “pretend you are planning your wedding so you can get the grand treatment.” It was nice, albeit an uncomfortable experience. At least we got a free wedding dinner out of it with all the beer I could drink. And I could drink a lot of beer.




Just shoot me now…


~ by foomfoom on February 5, 2007.

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