They wear a disguise…


…to look like human guys. Time moves really slowly when you are trying not to spend money but have nothing to do.

For one thing its hard not to spend money. I bought a fancy new white (mistake) leather chair. At one point I let it get a little too close to a heater I had on the floor and it sort of caught the back on fire a bit, but only on the bottom. So now it looks like my chair shit itself. I also bought a new snazzy dirt-magnet rug, and it finally warmed up so the futon came off the kotatsu. Of course the day I did that it got really cold again so I want to put it back, but am too lazy to dig it back out of the closet.



Finally Heejin is back in Osaka for a job interview. Hopefully she lands it because I really need a good drinking buddy. Both of us haven’t drank as much as we used to, and nowhere near as much as we usually do when we get together, so our tollerance has gone down. We still managed to put down a respectable 8 or 9 pints (mugs?) a piece. So much for saving money…



~ by foomfoom on April 5, 2007.

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