Streaks on the China never mattered before


Who cares? April is once again upon us which, in Japan, means sakura.

I vowed not to do the hanami thing this year and I made it till about mid-April. My friend Aya invited me to a cruise. A cruise through Sakura-nomiya. Oh well. Maybe my boycott will be more succesful next year. At least this year it was late enough that there were no crowds. It was also very windy, which means the sakura blossoms were coming down like rain. The only thing worse than gagging on a rogue petal lodged in your throat is doing it every 10 minutes.






Afterwards we went for Okonomiyaki in the true Osaka fashion.





April also means the new school year starts up again. IMG_2147 Since last semester I only had 9 classes, I decided to kick it up a notch. I’ve got class 16 times a week now. This semester my classes include: Japanese History, something I am barely qualified to study at a high-school level, let alone University level. Korean, which works incredibly well being taught in Japanese, as they are such similar languages. Chinese, which works collosally poorly being taught in Japanese. Philosophy, which seems mildly interesting, aside from the 3 essays I’ll have to write. Civil Law, which seems interesting except that one of the 2 text books is 2000 pages of dense text and the professor expects us to bring it to class every week. Business Law, which seems really boring, but at least the text book is small. Theory of Business Administration, snooze. Theory of Business Strategy, shoot me now. Computer Science, at least I can surf the internet. Biology, focusing on the business aspects of. And a couple others that don’t really translate well. 専門導入演習 and 情報とキャリア.


Finally, April saw the arrival of two very much needed care packages. The first is from my ex-gf Ann. Click the pic for explanations.


The second, and much more important package came from my father, who knew that with summer approaching, I would be in serious trouble without:



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  1. RSS feed shows you have new posts even though you are backdating them

  2. If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.

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