The Day the Music Died – Summer Trip 2007


Ann went in for a half day of work so I slept till noon when we met up and went out to eat. Little did I know, I was about to lose my best friend…


We met in Tsim Sha Tsui near Ann’s office and grabbed some Thai food. I went for the thai fried rice with shrimp paste. A lot of people don’t like shrimp paste just because it stinks and tastes strange. Weirdos.


After lunch we hopped over to Admiralty and grabbed a bus to Ocean Park, on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Ocean Park is about 20 minutes away from Central, through the Aberdeen Tunnel, near Repulse Bay, where I went last year.

Causeway Bay

Happy Valley Racetrack in Aberdeen

Click to embiggen
Click to embiggen

Ocean Park itself is actually in two somewhat far away parts of the peninsula connected by a long cable car. The northern part has a panda habitat, and not much else. Most of the attractions are in the southern part, which is where the bus stopped. There are a couple rides, but it was hot, so we made our way to the top of the mountain where everything was. Luckily we didn’t have to hike (because it was hot and humid) but instead spent about 15 minutes on several extremely long escalators up.

Ocean Park Southern entrance

One of the long escalators up the mountain

Roller coaster on the side of the mountain overlooking the marina.

That’s just not right

Further up the mountain

Ocean Park is sort of an aquarium/Sea World/carnival/pandasIMG_3298 . It wasn’t really anything new or exciting, though the aquarium wasn’t bad. The pandas were sleeping when we went though. Unfortunately, though it was the middle of a weekday there were a lot of tour groups from the mainland. Which meant I had to put up with stares and glares from mainland rubes. Being in Hong Kong I’d almost gotten used to not being stared at for being a big cracker. Oh well. It was at the top of the mountain where I lost it all. I dropped my camera, and more tragically, my Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens. The horror. I tried out the body with a different lens, but I still got the the dreaded Error 99. I could only pray that it meant my lens internals were fine, the glass certainly wasn’t cracked, and it was the (much cheaper) camera body that was busted. Nevertheless I bravely carried on with my little point and shoot with barely any manual control and no wide end. Who’s the rube now? Me.

Inside the aquarium

Nemo found

Cecilia, Andy, and a fat washed up sell out kung fu star

Dolphin/Seal show on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea. It was pretty cool but the view was more interesting than the dolphin show to me.

Lotta folk

I miss my DSLR.

Headed to the other side of the park the only way possible

Click for a panorama of Repulse bay from the cable car

Who needs hot dogs?

Ann knew I was feeling down after the loss of my camera so to cheer me up she got on the horn to her friends and contacted Canon HK who said to bring it in, they were right down the street from our hotel. And better yet, she let us skip a fancy romantic dinner and instead we went to a cha chaan teng where she ordered my favorite:

Three kinds of pork n’ rice.

Afterwards we went out for some drinking but the camera stayed at home. I did manage to snap one last picture at the supermarket.

Needs more pork


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  1. Yipes! Hope the lens is okay. :/

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