Lost in Time – Summer Trip 2007


Today, first thing in the morning, Ann went with me down the street to Canon HK to get my camera and lens checked out. Ann used her feminine charms to get it expedited. …Also I agreed to pay %20 extra. I want my camera back! All of the pictures today were taken with my piece of shoot point and shit.

After taking care of the most important thing, my camera, it was time for the second most important thing, my tummy. We went to the One Peking building in Tsim Sha Tsui which is shaped like a big sail. We went for dim sum there on the something-teenth floor. It was packed, though we were seated quickly, had a great view of Hong Kong Island, and best of all it was Chiu Chow style, my favorite. It’s similar to Cantonese style cuisine, but with a bigger emphasis on vegetables (meh) and seafood (winner) and goose/duck. Things like bird’s nest soup is a good example. Not the fake birds nest made from fried taro. Real bird’s nest made from bird saliva.

Ann getting the ordering on.

Cha siu sou

Har cheung, XO raddish cakes, etc.

After eating we did some shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui and visited the harbor for some choice shots of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island.

A busy day on the harbor.

The Victoria Bay equivalent of a rice rocket burning the NOS.

A tour boat


Click to enlarge.
Hong Kong Panorama
A panorama of Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui

As the sun went down we headed back into Kowloon where we had a dinner appointment with Ann’s aunt and her aunt’s friends at some hotel restaurant. 10 of her friends. Who I never met and probably spoke no English. I would have protested but Ann’s aunt was treating, it was a buffet, it was a crab buffet, and Ann’s aunt was treating us to a crab buffet. So to be polite I went along, and ate my weight in 100 different kinds of crab dishes. It turns out it wasn’t so bad meeting her aunt’s friends. They didn’t speak English, but they also didn’t stare when Ann and I spoke Japanese. I love Hong Kong. But some of the other diners seemed to find it fascinating. Some Europeans or something. Damn white people. Haven’t they ever seen a white person before.

After dinner, Ann and I, her aunt, and 2 of her aunt’s friends went out for karaoke, much to the dismay of one of her friend’s 4 year old daughters, who had invited me over to her house to play mahjong. Still got it.

Nightlife, East Tsim Sha Tsui Tstyle.

Now Japan does few things well, but one of them is karaoke. Compared to the States and China at least. I’ve gone into this before. So I was worried when after navigating our way through a no-foolin’ god-damned maze of mirrors, we found our room, and there were no fancy LCD screen remotes, no books, just an extra TV screen to choose songs. Awful. But wait, there were 2 extra screens. The upper one was for selecting songs (1 at a time, great design) but the one beneath it was a regular TV, for watching TV. Now I love a good night of karaoke, but a TV to watch will make some of those really long songs just fly by. And even better, there’s a keyboard, and you can surf the Internet or play computer games. It came in really handy when Ann’s aunt and her friend chose a 15 minute Chinese opera to sing.

Not easy to navigate to the bathroom after a few beers.

The most famous Chinese beer.



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4 Responses to “Lost in Time – Summer Trip 2007”

  1. Pretty good for a POS PNS.

  2. Thanks. But send most of your compliments to Neat Image and Ann’s head which served as a tripod in some pictures.

  3. […] City. It’s a Siu Chow style restaurant that’s a sister restaurant to the one in One Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui I like so much. We had salty fish congee, this oyster-egg pizza like thing, some chicken deal, some fish thingys, […]

  4. […] We started out the day eating dim sum at One Peking Road though. My favorite Chiu Chow style place to have dim sum on the Kowloon side. […]

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