A Better Tomorrow – Summer Trip 2007


Canon HK called this morning and my camera was repaired and ready to go. That was fast. Unfortunately it turns out my lens was also damaged. Specifically the aperture mechanism. The good news was that it could be easily repaired for not too much money. The bad news is they didn’t have the parts in Hong Kong and wouldn’t get them in until Ann and I had already left to Shanghai. So I decided to hold off on the lens repair until I got home to Japan. I took my camera back, took out my Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 EX DC and Canon 100mm f/2 USM and this is how I fared.

Victoria Harbour

I spend so much time with the 10-22 I forgot what it was like to shoot with an aperture as wide as 2.8 or 2. But at least I could shoot above ISO 100.

HK Space Museum

Entrance to underground Sogo in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Clock Tower.

Kimberly Rd.

Victoria Harbour.

As the sun went down, Ann and I met up with her brother in Central, and took a minibus up the hill to eat. The food was fantastic, but what struck me most were 670ml bottles of beer for $10HKD ($1.30). I can’t remember the name, probably due to $10HK beers. It was Soderburg, Sodemburg, something like that. Basically an even cheaper version of Carlsberg. That’s quite an achievement in itself. After that her brother went home as classes have already begun in Hong Kong, and Ann and I went back to Lan Kwai Fong.

In line for the minibus

Lan Kwai Fong



Ann and her brother

Tomorrow its off to Macao for the weekend.


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