Skipping Town – Summer Trip 2007


On our last full day in Shanghai, Ann and I started things off by grabbing lunch in the sketchier side of town. It wasn’t pretty. But it was cheap. We went to a place recommended by her travel book. Their specialty is pan fried bread dumplings, cooked in a big pan on the side of the road. They also have soup and fried rice, all cooked out front on the sidewalk.


Ann ordered while I went inside and grabbed a seat. It was all locals, and they must not get many big white dudes because I all but caused a scene. Ann came in with the food; 16 buns, two plates of fried rice, two bowls of soup, total price about $1.50.


Meanwhile I found us a seat in the back room. It wasn’t exactly clean inside but there were only a few cockroaches climbing the walls. Good thing the food was all cooked out front, right? When Ann came in, it felt like a scene out of deliverance with the locals staring with no shame. It was… uncomfortable. We ate about half the food, and got the hell out of there. Shanghai is certainly more modern than Beijing, but there are still some rubes, even in the center of the city. The food was good though, just next time I’d get take-out.


As we left we passed a big group of foreigners trying to buy something from a street vendor. The vendor clearly didn’t understand them, and they didn’t speak Chinese, so Ann and I stopped to help. Apparently they were Austrian and a couple of them wanted to buy cards to recharge their prepaid cell phone minutes. Unfortunately they only really spoke Austrian. So one of the Austrians who could speak English had to translate. I then had to translate to Japanese for Ann, since she didn’t speak English. She then translated to Chinese for the vendor. And it went back and forth like that for a good 20 minutes. The vendor didn’t think they could charge their cell phones from Beijing with her cards, and wanted them to get new sim-cards. But in the end everything worked out. We took a picture and wished them luck.


Afterwards we hit up an open air market. It wasn’t anything to write home about. Ridiculous prices for mostly junk, pretty common for a tourist trap.

Pajamas. The man is living the life.


For dinner we were in the mood for something a little more upscale, so we went to Ye Olde Station Restaurant. It’s a former French monastery that was converted into a train station themed restaurant.

That old Shanghai feel.

Leave the orderin’ to Ann.

Chives wrapped in tofu skin.

The spice of life.

Not as spicy as you’d think.

Beef, deep fried in peanuts.

It wouldn’t be a meal in Shanghai without xiaolongbao.


Afterwards we walked around the city and grabbing some drinks before returning to the hotel.

Xujiahui district.

All you assholes who shop here in the states are responsible for this.
PS, check out their deals on Western Digital 1TB drives.

The next morning we hit up the post office so I could mail back some souvenirs (an endeavor worth of a post itself) and flew back to Hong Kong.

Not cool, Shanghai Post Office. Not cool.


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  1. China’s bemused super heroes result directly from a mixture of bad baby powder formulas, a hodgepodge of sophisticated districts in conjunction with sidewalk cooking slow ones and junk. Deformed Man, I salute you as the near future symbol of tomorrow!

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