Everywhere I Want to Be – Summer Trip 2007


We got the hell out of dodge, leaving Shanghai to return to Hong Kong. Shanghai was a nice (so-so) place to visit but I was glad to be back in Hong Kong. This was to be a much shorter stay so we stayed out on Lantau Island.


On my last night we went to Discovery Bay, a private community on Lantau that has a pretty sizable expat population. There are some fancy-ish restaurants on the beach, sort of like a little resort community. It was a warm summer night so we ate outside, a Caribbean restaurant called Hemingway’s.

Discovery Bay dining.


Swordfish risotto and Jamaican pizza.

After eating and some drinks (Caribbean beer, gross but doable) we hit the beach. It was warm but the beach was empty, probably because it was a weekday and really late at night.

Discovery Bay at night.

Ann on the beach.

The next morning, I had to go back to Japan. I really hated to do it, because I love being in Hong Kong. Japan isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t feel like a real city. Sure some parts of Hong Kong are dirty, but it’s alive. It has a night life, a real sense of culture, an international flair, things I really miss in Japan. In Hong Kong you are living in a real city. In Japan it’s like you’re living in a plastic bubble. Granted it’s a nice plastic bubble, safe and convenient, but not very international and that grows stale very quickly. It would be a nice place to retire to I imagine, but while I’m young, I’m going to work towards getting one of those saucy expat packages and settling in Hong Kong for a while. For now, to the plastic bubble.

Shanghai Airport.

Trying to find a wi-fi connection.

Back in the plastic bubble, KIX style.

Not everything in the bubble is bad.


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  1. What process does a Chinese guy go through to become this expat?

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