Trials of the Minority


One of the pains of being the only non-Asian student in the school is they expect you to participate in all activities involving other universities. This is so that they can come off as “international” in front of the other schools, even though in my school’s case, “international” means a couple hundred Chinese students, 10 Koreans, and a white guy.


This time it was a conference for foreign students enrolled in universities in Nara prefecture. By conference they just meant that they dragged us out at 8am (on a SATURDAY) to some temples and shrines and castles in Nara, made us sit through a tea ceremony, and listen to a monk all day. At least there was food. I was too lazy to bring my camera so all shots are with my cell phone. A 5mp little som’bitch that gets the job done, except for low light, where it really drops the ball.

Castle something in Nara or somewhere there abouts. The moat is looking a little low though.

Nara foreigners at.. さかさ地蔵 apparently.


Fancy food of some sort.

Don’t take pictures of this.

Exciting Nara prefecture.

Catching goldfish with paper for some reason.

A park with wild(?) goldfish.

Next time Nara, leave me out of your culture.


~ by foomfoom on October 14, 2007.

One Response to “Trials of the Minority”

  1. JEEZUS MAN are all the women in Japan just big balls of hair?? Where is their Japonesque physiognomy? Seriously my imagination has dropped to an all time low despite my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Every time I try and imagine a hot girl to draw up it ends up haunting me in nightmare form.

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