Hong Kong – Winter Trip 2007


So I went to Hong Kong again. I had 16,000 frequent flier miles with JAL about to expire on Dec 31st. Unfortunately you can’t go very far with only 16,000 miles. My choices were between anywhere in Japan (was thinking either Okinawa or Hokkaido) or to Korea. Just when I’d settled on Hokkaido, I got wind that JAL was doing a %20 off campaign which meant a trip to China (20,000 miles) was now within reach. It would be cheaper to spend a week in Hong Kong than it would to stay in Japan for a week anyways. So I picked a week to take off school and this is what happened.


To get to KIX, rather than taking JR to Tennoji and taking the JR Airport express, I took Kintetsu to Nanba and splurged the extra couple hundred yen for the “Rapi:t” special express on Nankai. I didn’t have to fight for a seat and it was fast and quiet. Like a mini-shinkansen, 40 minutes to KIX.


I got into Hong Kong in the afternoon, met Ann, and headed to Tsim Sha Tsui. The first thing we did was grab some dim sum at the same place we went when I arrived in the summer. We just barely caught the tail end of dim sum, so they were out of some of my favorites, namely XO radish cakes.

Ann doing the ordering.

Cha siu so and gai lan with oyster sauce fer dippin’.

Fried cheung fan.

Lo mai gai.

Afterwards we hopped over to Harbour City, and then over to Knutsford Terrace for drinks.

Harbour City

Ann breaking the speed barrier. Or crappy shaky hands.

The Peninsula Hotel.

Turkish bar.

That Corona plays on Hispanic stereotypes.

Knutsford Terrace.


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One Response to “Hong Kong – Winter Trip 2007”

  1. Dammit man, I’m jealous of the Hong Kong goodness. But then again, DEFORMED MAN ENVIES NO ONE

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