Wan Chai Wandering – Winter Trip 2007


On the second day in town Ann had to go in for a half day at work. For a minute I thought about sleeping until 1pm when she got off. But then I got hungry, so I went out for a beef sandwich and noodles. Afterwards I hopped on the ferry to Central and walked to Admiralty and Wan Chai. Wan Chai isn’t as interesting in the day when all the debauchery-based places are closed. Admiralty has some tall buildings and not much else. So I took the MTR back to Tsim Sha Tsui to meet Ann.

Buildings in Admiralty.

By the Admiralty Police office.

Wan Chai by day.

I met Ann at 1 and we grabbed lunch at a place called Sweet Dynasty in Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s famous for it’s desserts and have chains in Japan and probably elsewhere. Every seat around us was filled with Japanese people. A lot were probably Japanese Hong Kong residents but most were probably tourists, as every Japanese tourist guide recommends it.

Letting Ann do the ordering again.

Flied won tons.

Beef chow funs.

After lunch we took a ferry to Central and did some shopping, walked around, saw a movie, then came back to Kowloon. We met Ann’s friends for a late dinner at Chao Inn at the apm mall in Millennium City. It’s a Chiu Chow style restaurant that’s a sister restaurant to the one in One Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui I like so much. We had salty fish congee, this oyster-egg pizza like thing, some chicken deal, some fish thingys, and some pork platter.

On the Star Ferry.

The Star Ferry from the outside.

The apm mall in Chrimbo gear.

Ann and her niece Joanne.


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