Christmas in America, 2007 Style

And then I went to the States for Chrimmus. I had classes up until Friday the 21st, which meant the cheapest day to fly (other than Chrimbo Day) was Christmas Eve. I was a little worried traveling so close to the holidays. I would be leaving on the 24th, and arriving on the morning of the 24th. So I figured I would be facing a nightmare of a voyage, especially getting from San Francisco to my parents home. This is how I fared.


These days when I have luggage, I spring for the Nankai rapi:t. There are a number of different ways to get to KIX by train, and rapi:t is one of the more expensive train routes, but its always such a nice trip compared to the regular Nankai or JR trains. It’s almost always deserted. This time it was empty. I counted 4 people including me on the entire train at Nanba. Arriving at KIX, the airport was pretty much the same.


There were no lines to check in, and half the counters were closed with the lights off. Passing through security took 30 seconds. Most of the shops were closed and gates were eerily deserted. The actual flight was the same. I had the entire back of the plane to myself until people came to lie down across the middle seat rows. There couldn’t have been more than 50 people on the plane. Still, it was United so they managed to make it a pretty horrible experience, so I arrived more exhausted than usual, nervous about the drive to Sacramento.

It turns out, again there was nothing to worry about. There was a line to get a rental car, but I reserved one so there were no worries. Even traffic was light. Domestic travel probably sucks on December 24th, but international travel to the States rocks. It only took me 30 minutes of driving to reach my first stop:


Another hour and I was home.

There a new dog there with some sort of canine ADHD

My twin bed seems to have gotten even smaller

The backyard had an eerie glow

It was weird to be back in America, but then there came meat. And 2007 was finished with 7 days of meat consumption. All my friends were there.

There was cow.

Pig and bird were together at last.

Even rabbit was there.

The holidays bring everyone closer together.



~ by foomfoom on December 30, 2007.

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  1. omg fooms room too fucking cute

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