Suddenly it was 2008

So 2008 rolled around, and I was still in America for a couple of days, and I was getting tired of hanging around Sacramento and eating all day long. So I decided to do something about it.

I went to San Francisco and ate all day long.

Met up with Long and Ming and had coffee.

Then we went to BJs with my $100 gift cards and got microbrews and appetizers.

Then we went to Hooters with my $100 gift cards and got macrobrews and appetizers.

They lasted about 3 minutes.

We went to the street party at Embarcadero for the fireworks with our Faderade.

The fireworks they were using this year were hella blurry though for some reason.

The drunk crowd didn’t seem to mind though.

We caught the MUNI back.

Jeremyjoe was down for the count.

Dave trying to impersonate the IC card reader.

A few hours later we grabbed dim sum.

Spider-man showed up at one point, then we got carne asada fries during a 3am drive back to Sacramento

The place was just off the freeway, in a bad part of town, but they had a sticker dispenser with Mexican religious stickers for 50 cents. Frankly it was the hardest thing to leave behind in America narrowly beating out friends and family.


~ by foomfoom on January 3, 2008.

One Response to “Suddenly it was 2008”

  1. man time travels slow in your nick of the woods. it’s totally august here, and china whomped in the lympics. how is it that your technology is still so far advanced in comparison??

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