So after chucking my junk and hopping on a flight to HKG on a whim, I was left with a dilemma. Where was I going to live…


I stayed a couple of nights at my favorite cheap-ass hotel on Kimberley Rd in Tsim Sha Tsui, got a phone, and started the search.

The real reason I moved to Hong Kong.

It’s ridiculous how much better the E71 is than every phone I’ve ever used, including the iPhone and 4 years of fancy Japanese phones.

I eventually settled on a place in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island. Sheung Wan is old. It’s one of the first place the British colonized a million years ago and most of the prehistoric buildings are still around. Back then they didn’t know how to level grounds or build roads in straight lines, so the entire area is a mess of hills and crooked roads. It’s glorious.


Sheung Wan

Except for the hills. Anytime I go south it means climbing a hill, which isn’t bad persay, except there are stairs everywhere. This turned into an ugly situation my second week when I was coming down some stairs on Queen’s Rd Central in the rain, slipped, and landed on my ass-bone. The medical diagnosis was, that shit fucking hurt like a bitch. My back was sore for a month, and my anus-bone still hurts sometimes.

Stairs to SoHo.

More than the hills is the apartment itself. It’s new, clean, small as shit but good enough for now. But there’s no elevator and it’s a 5th floor apartment, which in HK usually means 6th floor, since the 1st floor is usually above the ground floor. In my building, there is no 1st floor, but there are two 2nd floors, and they don’t start until the 3rd floor. Doing the math, that means my fat ass has to climb 6 flights of stairs to get to my room. Not easy with a broken ass.

Tiny widdle apartment.

View out the window.

Food carts next door.

Neighborhood at night.

This is where I get all my dry seafood.

The location doesn’t really get any better. It’s basically DSCF0633on top of Sheung Wan station. It’s a 3 minute walk to the 21102008040Macao ferry, less than 10 minutes to IFC and Star Ferry, within 10 minutes to the Mid-level escalators and Lan Kwai Fong. Ann works in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side, so usually I’ll take the ferry over to have lunch with her. Other times we’ll eat dinner and desert on the Island side. My favorite new spot is a Macau-based dairy dessert restaurant with pudding. It’s not very English friendly and I always forget how to order what I want, so I have to bug her to take me.

Egg flavored pudding.

Park next to the Macau ferry terminal.

Sheung Wan ain’t pretty.


Walkway to IFC.

Unagi bento lunch at IFC.

Tsim Sha Tsui side ferry.

Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui

Central ferry side.

Sheung Wan.

It’s like Hong Kong is welcoming me. They know just what buttons to push.


~ by foomfoom on October 25, 2008.

One Response to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. diu i remember going to the Watsons down the block from my gramps’ place in Sheung Wan

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